Sire:- Breckmarsh Abe of Druimmuir

Dam:- Redberry Harriet 

DOB:- 04/03/2015

Kennel Name:- Tim

What can we say about "Tiny" Tim......

Tim was the pup from Holly's litter that I landed up hand rearing as he wasn't doing well with his mum and his litter, hand feeding also wasn't easy and many hours were spent bringing him on, he wormed his way into my affections and he had to stay with us.

Tim was destined to be my "fundog and not my gundog" as we had accepted that he was spoilt rotten and unlikely to train up to work, however he has proved us wrong. Although unlikely to trial Tim has joined Nicola picking up for two seasons now and has excelled with very little structured training and a lot of "natural ability" he is calm and quiet, a good marker and has retrieved off land and water both dead and wounded birds. Tim is already a valued member of the picking up squad and he was obviously meant to stay here with us.