Sire:- OFTW  Ziggy Top

Dam:- Toonarmy Top Level

DOB:- 13/5/2000

Kennel Name:- Kes

Kes is a regular and indeed key member of Nicola’s picking up team, together they fulfil a busy calendar of picking up commitments to some local shoots and indeed several estates further a field including Perthshire.

She ran in her first field trial at 15 months old, and gained a COM, she then went on to take another 3 FT awards in a further 5 trials and has also won awards in Novice and Open working tests and won several scurries. Now retired early from competition she enjoys nothing more than a day out picking up.

Kes is an excellent marker, and has a great ability to retrieve on land and in water, and has picked all varieties of game and delivers them beautifully to hand.  She’s a small framed bitch but she has great courage and has made some spectacular retrieves on large cock birds and hares, always keen to get the job done and never one to disappoint.

Her first litter was born in 2004, and was dominated by the sire used, so no pups were retained at the kennels, though the litter has produced some lovely working dogs, very biddable and easy to train, with some destined for tests and trials.

Kes had a 2nd and final litter on the 24th March 2006, the sire was  FTCH Denford Danny of Belvden. We have kept a daughter here at the kennels and we hope to run her on with a view to running her in trials in seasons to come !

Kes suffered a set back in 2006 when a small mammary tumour was found, this caused us endless worry and within a few days of finding the tiny lump Kes had had an operation to remove the tumour and spey her at the same time. We are very glad that she came through this and is back to full health, though she's constantly checked for lumps and bumps, she's back to being Nicola's constant shadow round the house, and ever faithful companion in the shooting field and full time best friend.